Pomegranate Juice Press Review

Save Some Serious Money with The Pomegranate Juice Press 

Even with a few minor flaws, The Pomegranate Juice Press – Extra Large Commercial Pomegranate and Citrus Manual Juice Press Comes with Bonus Free Lime Squeezer is a great buy given the benefits you get for the money you pay. It’s a great thing that I found this pomegranate and citrus juicer press just in time for the pomegranate season.

Great for the Budget Conscious

The Pomegranate Juice Press - Extra Large Commercial Pomegranate

The Pomegranate Juice Press

I was considering the prices of pomegranate juice sold in grocery stores nowadays and found them to be a good option if only they were a little cheaper. Times are tough and I needed to make a few budget saving decisions. With this manual citrus juicer I believe I’m making a bit of a longer term investment.

I’m very happy with this purchase and I think anyone who considers their budget (cost versus long term benefits) will be happy to get this pomegranate slash citrus manual juicer instead of buying the commercially packed ones at the store. Here are some of the things that really appealed to me about The Pomegranate Juice PressTM:

  • FUNNEL AND STRAINER CONE: I definitely like the strainer cone that the manufacturers included with this orange juicer (it works on other kinds of citrus fruits too). This detachable strainer cone plus funnel catches the pits, fruit pulp, and the rest of the other gunk that you need to get rid of after you’re done making your glass of juice. Cleaning is made really easy using this funnel and strainer.
  • RIDICULOUS JUICING POWER: I have tried other citrus press products and I have even used a citrus electric juicer – none of them came close to the pressing power of this manual juicing tool.
  • MADE FROM SOLID CAST STEEL: It’s made out of solid steel, which gives me the impression that it is built to last.

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Key Features

  • This manual juicer just juices citrus and pomegranate; zero mess and no clutter
  • Very easy to use; especially made for people who are not techno-savvy
  • Ridiculously easy to clean
  • The unit is constructed out of stainless steel; no plastic parts come into contact with the juice you’re making
  • Relatively cheaper than other expensive leading brands; perfect for people who have budget constraints
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Downsides and Drawbacks

This pomegranate and citrus juicer manual appliance is great to have in the kitchen. However, there are a couple of things about it that need improving. First off, I just wish that it had a better grip at the bottom. That will help a lot when you’re pressing down on fruits, especially with pomegranate that is really hard.

Related to that, my wife’s first time to manually juice a pomegranate was a failure. Well she just needed a little practice but she got the hang of it after several weeks of trying. In spite of these minor issues, I think The Pomegranate Juice Press – Extra Large Commercial Pomegranate and Citrus Manual Juice Press Comes with Bonus Free Lime Squeezer is a great investment.

The Pomegranate Juice Press – Final Verdict

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The Pomegranate Juice Press – Extra large Commercial Pomegranate and Citrus Manual Juice Press Comes with Bonus Free Lime Squeezer

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Manual Juicers
The Pomegranate Juice Press – Extra large Commercial Pomegranate and Citrus Manual Juice Press Comes with Bonus Free Lime Squeezer
The Pomegranate Juice PressTM is a commercial grade press designed for home use. Made from solid cast steel with an acid resistant bake enamel coating. All components that come in contact with food are polished stainless steel with a removable strainer cone and funnel for easy cleaning. In its handle down position it stand almost 20″ tall. With the handle fully extended it is over 28″. It weighs 16 lb. Lever Action 3 Pinion Design. Extra long foot with skid proof rubber feet. Comfortable rubber handle and rubber “stop” are in the optimum position for maximum juice extraction. There is not a more efficient juice press on the market. Even presses that look similar do not have the torque or pressing power of the Pomegranate Juice PressTM. And if that’s not enough, What’s a pomegranate juice drink without a squirt of fresh lime. With your purchase of your Pomegranate Juice PressTM we will include the “Lime Squeezer”, a $20.00 Value for FREE. This offer is limited so order now.


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This is good design but the material grade is questionable since it’s mass produced in China. There are some reports that these juicers do not withstand even small pressure.


hand citrus juicer

A quality juicer that works well at lower speeds is the ideal type to look for.

The majority of the vegetable recipes include carrots as one of the staple ingredients.
Very few models come close to the efficiency of this one and even if they do, they don’t seem
to last as long or produce as much juice.


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