Big Boss Slow Juicer Review


Perfect Juicer for Beginners

I am a beginner at juicing fruits and veggies and I bought this Big Boss Heavy-Duty Masticating Slow Juicer because it was recommended to me by a friend. He said that it is great for beginners. I had this juicer for over a month and I have come to love it very much.

Big Boss Heavy-Duty Juicer

Big Boss Slow Juicer

First of all, it is the most reasonable priced slow juicer I found. I followed some of the recipes from the recipe book that came with the package and they were all ery delicious. I think that I am now a juicer fanatic for life. The Big Boss is such a big help to beginners like me.

Top Reasons Why I Recommend this Slow Juicer

  • DESIGNED TO LAST: I believe that this Big Boss Vitapress slow juicer is really well-made. It is designed to last many years. Many of its parts are of ceramic. My friend who recommended this juicer to me also has one and he has been using it for more than a year already without any problems. I am looking forward to years of juice making with this machine.
  • GREAT FOR CONTINUOUS JUICING: There was this weekend when my parents visited my family. I served fresh juice to them and they loved it. I had to make three to four glasses of fruit juice each morning. It’s a good thing that this Big Boss slow juicer is designed to do continuous juicing for about ten minutes. It made enough juice without any problems.
  • POWERFUL GRINDER: One good feature of this masticating juicer is its very powerful grinder. It effectively grinds the fruits and vegetables that I feed into it. I have researched that through slow grinding and squeezing, the nutrients are preserved better than those fast centrifugal juicers. All I get are glasses of freshly-squeezed juice without the pulp. They taste great and are really healthy indeed.

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Best Features

  • This Big Boss fruit juicer has a large-size feeding tube. It also has a stainless steel strainer that effectively takes out the juices from fruits and vegetables.
  • This masticating slow juicer comes with a scrub brush that should be used when cleaning hard-to-reach areas. A pusher is also included to keep your hands away from the grinder.
  • This Vitapress vegetable fruit juicer has a 120-volt/60-hertz/150-watts motor. It can continuously juice for about ten minutes maximum without stopping.
  • The compact design of these Big Boss masticating juicers helps you save some storage space in your kitchen. The parts are also very easy to clean after each use.
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The Big Boss slow juicer is a great piece of kitchen equipment. It is perfect for juicing beginners like me. I feel that I am now a healthier person thanks to this Big Boss. The only drawback I find with this juicer is that it has a number of parts to clean up after each use.

However, I am not complaining because it has helped me improve my health. I love the Big Boss Heavy-Duty Masticating Slow Juicer and I highly recommend it to others.

Final Verdict

Big Boss Heavy-Duty Slow Juicer

Big Boss Heavy-Duty Masticating Slow Juicer

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