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Hurom upright masticating juicer.

More and more people are now becoming more “health conscious” nowadays and rightly so because with the advent of high-tech manufacturing processes, we get to eat a lot of processed foods that provide little nutrition or even detrimental to our wellness. With this “green evolution” going on, people are searching for “healthier” ways to get their food. This is the reason why a lot of people are searching for masticating juicer reviews online today.

Juicing For Better Health

One of the health craze that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays among health buffs is Juicing. Fresh fruit (or vegetable) juicing is very appealing because you get to drink a very healthy glass of fruit or vegetable extract at the comfort of your home. You no longer have to spend a lot of money at a juice bar! There are many quality juicers available out there that you can buy.

It is highly recommended that you get yourself a good masticating juicer as these are easier to maintain, operate and they produce significantly healthier juices compared to centrifugal juicers.

What is a Masticating Juicer?

Super Angel Stainless Steel Juicer

Super Angel 5500 Masticating Juicer

A masticating juicer is one of the various types of juicers used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. As its name suggests, the masticating juicer literally masticates or chews fruits and vegetables in order to produce juice. Using a grinding action, this type of juicer is able to effectively separate juice from the fruit or vegetable pulp.

Masticating juicers are also known as “slow juicers” because they operate at a lower speed than most of the other juicers, enhancing both the quality and quantity of the juices produced. This is the reason why a lot of people are looking forward to using masticating juicers more than their centrifugal juicers.

How a Masticating Juicer Works?

Fruits and vegetables are introduced into the masticating juicer through a tube, also known as the chute. You are then to force them into the grinding chamber using a plastic tamper. It is essential to apply constant downward pressure during the process, in order to facilitate better mastication.

In the pressing chamber, the fruits or vegetables come into contact with a hard rotating cylinder. They are then chewed and ground, a process which extracts the juice. Once the process is over, only the very dry pulp remains in the masticating juicer’s waste receptacle.

Benefits of Using a Masticating Juicer

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Miracle MJ-550 Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

There are various benefits associated with using a masticating juicer. One of them is its ability to extract more juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables compared to other juicers. This is because the produce spends 30-40 percent more time in the machine when compared to centrifugal juicers thereby more juice is produced in the process.

Masticating juicers are capable of juicing different types of fruits or vegetables, thus providing a wide variety of juices.

At the same time, since they operate at lower speeds than other types of juicers, this means less heat and foam. As a result, the nutrients in the juice are preserved. The low speed also means that less oxygen gets into the juice; hence the juice from a masticating juicer will have a longer shelf life.

Masticating Juicers Buying Tips

There are different types of masticating juicers in the market, thus several factors need to be considered before buying one.You need to read good masticating juicer reviews before you invest your hard earned cash on any slow juicer out there.

Omega Vert Vrt 350 Juicer

Omega Vert 350 Low-Speed Juicer

The first thing you should consider is the kind of produce you will be juicing. Masticating juicers usually have two gear choices depending on the produce. If you intend to juice softer vegetables or fruits, then a single gear masticating juicer will suffice. However, if you need to juice fruits or vegetables with harder outer shells, a two gear masticating juicer is more appropriate. Look out for brands that have a good reputation with consumers, based on the customer’s reviews of the product. You should also compare different prices of masticating juicers depending on their quality, so you can get the best deal for your money.

What is the Best Masticating Juicer?

One of the qualities of the best masticating juicer is that it has lower RPM or revolutions per minute. As such, it generates less heat, preserving the nutrients in the juice. A lower RPM also means that more juice is extracted, while the extraction process will also be quieter. The other quality pertains to the oxidation number of the masticating juicer. A lower number is an indication of less oxidation, which means that the juice can be stored for longer.

Kuvings Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor

Kuvings NJE-3570 Multi-Purpose Juicer

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